Rozalia Rozalia or the pink color
Rozalia Rozalia or the pink color

Rosa Rosalia or the colour pink

Songs from Lilliput

Rozalia Rozalia or the pink color

At the rose candy coast
each and every one talked about Rosa Rosalia

who had a wee bit of strawberry cream on both cheeks

and walked her pink piglet
as the rosy sun rose up.

"Rosa Rosalia or the colour pink" is an iconic song from the children's radio show "Lilliput". The idea of "Lilliput" was implemented in the Hellenic Radio by Manos Hatzidakis, the famous Greek composer. The show was aired from 1976 to 1980. The young, talented composers and singers who participated in the show, later became part of the Greek musical elite. The show became popular and its songs are still sung today.
Lena Platonos composed the music and Marianina Kriezi wrote the lyrics. Maria Charalampous illustrated the sweet sweet and dreamy song!

Lyrics: Marianina Kriezi

Illustration: Maria Charalambous

Cherry tree

Listen the song

Pages: 20
Hardcover and cloth spine
Size: 28,5x22 εκ.
ISBN: 978-618-83494-3-8

Down Under

Τα ζώα εκεί κάτω

- How come these animals don't fall off?
- Well, here is a Cockatiel!

A cuddly nymph who's fair,
is dancing through the air.

Let me tell you in detail,
her plumage is mostly pale.

She will find me on the ground,
if she keeps looking around.

- But what about the Sugar glider, or the Platypus? Or the Parrot fish?
-Let's find out about them!

When Zoe Nikolopoulou first met Evaggelia Kaliva in a far, far land, she knew that they would create something beautiful... so beautiful as some animals of Australia.

Author: Zoe Nikolopoulou

Illustrator: Evaggelia Kaliva

Pages: 32
Size: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-618-83494-1-4

A mermaid's serenade

Ο αρραβώνας της γοργόνας

She's sending out invitations,
making all these annotations,
without pause or hesitations.

A mermaid's beautiful and bright,
tho her face turns pale with fright,
in the end, she'll be allright.

The lavish marriage of her dreams,
all-white shells and pinkish gleams,
a silky gown made of beams.

A mermaid falls for a human diver. Determined to be with him, she decides to marry him. But even when plans go awry for her and she must make a sacrifice for her realm, she has no second thoughts. It is our own actions that lead to pollution but we can do something about it. Just like the mermaid did. Follow her friends in a unique quest and learn about the effects of polluting our marine environments.

Author: Zoe Nikolopoulou

Illustrator: Chris Pittas

The swordfish and the crad
The red mullet and the squid
The mermaid and the diver
Pages: 36
Size: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-618-83494-2-1



Oak tree

I was walking in the grove
talking to the trees, I rove.

Then, I found a downy leaf
a thorny shell, what a relief!

Belonging to an oak tree
with bendy branches, as I see.

On top of it, there's a fairy,
That one day, I may marry.

Passersby are scared of her,
as her name Dryad were.

One day you may go for a walk in the wood and discover some enormous Trees whose branches talk to you. You may reach into the clouds too. When children climb Trees, they discover that they are very strange. Different magical stories, unknown words and creatures, fairies, ancient souls and gods are about to unveil.

Author: Zoe Nikolopoulou

Illustrator: Maria Charalambous

Oak tree
Pistachio tree
Pages: 28
Size: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-618-83494-0-7

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